Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Throwing the trappings of modern transportation...

I must have heard a thousand birds...
Riding the bike, traveling slower and more in tune than in the car
No longer listening to the sounds of talk radio
Nor the notes of corporate music that all sound the same
None of the traffic and noise of large semis barreling down the highway
Instead, I notice that I hear the sound of a thousand birds.
The ride takes twice as long as to drive
But the pleasure is many times greater
I pedal through neighborhoods, watching the squirrels
Enjoying them playing and chattering, running from yard to yard
Tree to tree, power line to power line
And still, the sound of a thousand birds
There were cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, mocking them all
Two robins danced the mating ritual on the deserted stretch of road
Two blackbirds fought, darting through the trees
One diving and attacking the other before the tables turn
And I still enjoy the sound of a thousand birds
The fragrance of blooming trees and flowers
The sound of quiet mornings, hearing my breathing as I climb the hill
To a view of the sun rising far on the horizon
Bathing the light blue to black sky with a crimson, orange-yellow hue
Listening to the sound of a thousand birds
The ride has ended as the work day begins
I'm tired but revitalized, having thrown the trappings of modern transportation
Relying on my own strengths to travel the journey
And as the journey is why we are here, why not enjoy
The sound of a thousand birds.
I think of the travels, how we need to slow down and be more aware
Enhancing our travels by being in tune with the world around us
In tune with those around us, with thoughts of love and friends
In tune with nature and the sounds we are so blessed to hear
The sound of a thousand birds.
As everyone asks how my ride was
I share the experiences, the sights, smells and sounds
And then I answer their question with a single sentence...