Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wheel to Reel Contest - unleash your inner Scorsese

Smart Trips invites you to show your work and your support for our program as part of Smart Trips Month this May – create and submit a short digital film inspired by our mission to improve our region’s air quality and quality of life by promoting alternatives to driving alone. Your work will not only be featured on our website and on CTV, but could also be used by Smart Trips in future marketing and awareness campaigns – the winning film will be screened at a Smart Trips award ceremony in June!

Smart Trips Month is held every May and includes a series of educational, fun and health-promoting events throughout the area. Throughout the month, digital shorts will air on CTV and be linked to our website to raise awareness about the importance of improving our air quality by using alternative modes of transportation. This is where you come in!

Create a digital short that is 2 minutes or less – get creative! Any genre is welcome, from animation to documentary and everything in between. The content should be inspired by our goal of improving air quality and the quality of life in our community through promoting alternatives to driving alone. Submissions may be used in the future promotion of our program through marketing and public awareness campaigns.

Shorts must be uploaded to Google Video with KnoxSmartTrips in the title and submitted on DVD to Smart Trips, c/o KRTPO, Suite 403, 400 Main Street, Knoxville, TN 37902 by May 15.

Any questions? Call or email Elizabeth Wright at 215-2916 or smarttrips@knoxtrans.org

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