Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Changes to Commuter Rewards

We're unveiling changes to our Commuter Rewards program. And we think you're going to like them! Last quarter, thanks to our new ridematching system, participants got to choose their gift cards via their commute log page. We hope everyone is pleased with how much easier it has been to make your gift card selection this way. It has certainly made things easier on our end!

The third quarter of 2011 will end on September 30. (I know we can't believe it either!) The gift card selection button is already in place and those of you who have already earned enough credits can go ahead and make your gift card choice. For those of you who have not yet reached the threshold, you will have until October 14 to log the required total of 30 days (60 individual one-way trips) taken between July 1 and September 30 to be eligible for a gift card.

The quarter runs July 1 to September 30, so only commutes made within those dates count. You must log your commutes by October 14th or they will not count toward your gift card eligibility. (Your "total points" are actually all the commutes you've logged, not just the ones that count toward this quarter's gift card.) If in doubt about your point totals go to an individual month and see how many points you have earned for the month, compare this with your calendar entries of point earning trips - each little square that represents a trip made by carpool, bus, bicycle, walking or teleworking. These numbers should match. Remember you do not earn points for drive alone trips or days off.

Starting this quarter, if you have earned enough points to do so, you may choose up to 2 (two TOTAL) gift cards for the quarter. Since each gift card requires 60 points, it will take a total of 120 points to order two. This next part is important - no matter how many points are earned above 120, or how many gift cards are selected in excess of 2, only 2 will be sent. Remember points have no cash value, so if points are left over the total only represents the total number of trips logged. Nothing is lost if points are showing remaining beyond the two gift cards chosen.

Also new this quarter, at the time you make your gift card selection the system will prompt you to verify your correct mailing address. This is so we know where to mail the card and hopefully will prevent cards from coming back to us in the mail.

Finally, remember that cards will be mailed by the middle of the month following the end of a quarter. So for this quarter which ends on September 30, cards will be put into the mail by mid-October. If any group of cards will be going out later than that, participants will be notified by email.

Thank you so much for being part of Smart Trips. We are so happy to be able to offer you additional Commuter Rewards for your continued participation!

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