Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Air Quality Days

Don't forget KAT is offering free bus rides on air quality action days this summer.

Sign up for the Weather Alerts from WBIR and get notified automatically when there is an Air Quality Alert day of Orange or higher!
To sign up, just go to the WBIR Text Alerts sign-up page, enter your information and select either the "Severe Weather Alert" for Knox County or the "Daily Weather Forecast."

More on our air quality here from Knox County:
First Knoxville Air Alert Issued in 2009
Posted: June 3, 2009
The first air quality alert for the Knoxville valley and Great Smoky Mountains was issued for June 1st. This alert came a month later than last year, in spite of new ozone standards that went in effect in 2008. The revised standards are based on new scientific evidence and are more protective of human health. The alerts are issued much as a weather forecast in that conditions such that poor air quality may result. Thirty-two alerts were issued last year between April 1st and mid-September, though not all resulted in poor air quality days. The Environmental Protection Agency's AirNow website provides current air quality conditions and forecasts.

Following are steps you can take to reduce air pollution:

Car pool or use public transportation (KAT is free on air alert days
Limit engine idling, skip the drive thru
Combine errands
Conserve energy by turning off unneeded appliances/lights
Cut back air conditioning
Postpone lawn mowing and filling of gas tanks until evening
No open burning
Take your lunch or walk to a nearby restaurant

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