Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obsessed with KAT!

I work at the UT Conference Center downtown. My husband, who worked on campus, used to drop me off in the morning and pick me up in the afternoon, paying the $28.00 monthly parking fee. However, he decided to retire in 2005, which left me on my own. Faced with $45.00 monthly parking garage fees, and those ridiculous gas prices, I decided to give KAT another try. I knew that KAT gave UT employees a generous discount on ride passes for the bus; I was delighted to find out just how much I saved. I can catch the 23-Fairmont/Millertown Pike bus less than two blocks from my house, and get off directly in front of my office building on Locust Street.

I’ve been riding ever since, and have become KAT's biggest fan. My husband says I’m obsessed, and maybe I am. I talk about it whenever anyone will listen. I feel so virtuous, walking past my gas-guzzling Buick Century in the early-morning dawn, and knowing I’m saving not only parking fees, but wear and tear on the car, gas money, AND the actual price of a bus ticket! Plus, I’m getting a little well-needed exercise. The entire year costs me about the same amount as two months parking garage. Who wouldn’t choose this route? And with Smart Trips' Emergency Ride Home Program, my last concern about this venue was removed.

KAT drivers are courteous and thoughtful, and the busses are always clean and comfortable. I’ve made several new friends, who tend to see me off the bus in the morning laughing and well-prepared to face my day. I have never been late, and I get home a bit earlier than when I was riding with my husband (he tended to get side-tracked . . . but KAT is always there on time!).

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