Friday, May 30, 2008

Smart Trips in the news!

WATE video on Mast General's program encouraging employees to use alternative transportation:

News Sentinel article:

During Lynn Harrison's morning commute a couple of weeks ago, a 20-mph headwind made the trip more difficult than usual. While the wind didn't seem to bother the cars flying past, it added an extra 10 minutes of pedaling to her ride to the Mast General Store in downtown Knoxville.

In response to rising gas prices, Harrison and others are parking their cars and finding other ways to get to work. They're also joining programs such as Smart Trips, a program of the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization that promotes alternatives to driving alone. The program is sponsoring "Commuter Bucks," which rewards prizes to those who can show they've used alternative transportation to get to work.

Last year 392 people signed up to take part in Smart Trips, said Tina Rolen, program coordinator. This year 564 people are participating.

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