Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why I Love My Commute!

My first commute is a bus ride to campus. I typically take the #23, but if I am running late, I hop on the #22 Broadway or #31 Magnolia bus. I love riding KAT for several reasons. I avoid the stressful hunt for parking on campus, while at the same time saving money on both gas and parking. Most of all, I enjoy the company and conversations a ride on the KAT ensures.

My second commute is a four block walk to work. I love my short walk; it allows me time to reflect on the day ahead, or to meander and smell the flowers on the way home.

I lived all over Knoxville in attempt to shorten my daily commute. I initially started riding the #10 Cherokee Blvd. KAT to save my limited funds. Riding the bus became addictive for me; the Route 10 bus crew cemented my cost and earth saving habits with other loyal KAT riders. Before my last relocation, I frequented the all-around-town #90 and the graduate student bus of choice, the #50.

I believe in Environmentally Sustainable Transportation, which for me means finding a way to get to work, school and play without a causing a detriment to the environment, whether that be by bus, walk or bike ride. I love that very little of my budget turns into profits for oil companies. I love the sense of community and time for reflection I now have in place of my formerly stress-ridden solo drive. Most of all, I love doing my part to make the world a greener place. Thank you Smart Trips, for tracking my progress!

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